Svalin environment friendly bullet trap


We manufacture and assemble two variants of durable bullet traps for different calibers: Svalin carbine, for the caliber 5:56, 5B and 7.62 / 10B, and Svalin pistol, caliber 9 x 19 39 / B and 39 / B, HP and other ammunition up to caliber 45 (non-AP).

The bullet traps has the lowest operating cost, meets all the currently known environmental requirements and can be built indoors and outdoors. The products are built in an extremely strong material, where all steel produced in Sweden by certified companies.

The target surface is covered with a ballistic cloth which reseals the hole when the projectile has passed. All of shrapnel sticking therefore on the canvas inside. This consists mainly of recyclable natural rubber.

Svalin bullet trap is created with a technique completely eliminate  ricochets from the sides. The products are also virtually maintenance free and can withstand high loads. Svalin carbine handle more than 950,000 projectiles per square meter, while Svalin gun capable in principle almost unlimited number of projectiles per square meter.



Svalin is made of environmentally friendly, ultra high strength steel

Svalin is quick to install and is virtually maintenance free.

Svalin has a unique and safe design that makes no bullets or shrapnel can bounce out to the sides.