Advanced shooting range targets

Advanced shooting range targets Our various reactive shooting range targets works for most types of weapons and situations: pistol, carbine, shotgun and sniper weapons.

All shooting range targets, is both simple and reliable. By combining our products Running Man, Loke 180 and Tyr , you can create realistic training situations.

Loke 180

Our target system Loke 180 is powered entirely by electricity (24 volts). Programming is performed from a wireless handheld computer with touch screen and the operation of the system can be done either through the handset or from a wireless remote control. Loke 180 can rotate 180 degrees. This means that the target can display both bad and good picture pages. The turning rotation takes less than 0.2 seconds, and each target can be controlled in groups or individually. The noiseless system trains shooter in quickly identifying threats. Loke 180 may for example be combined with the Running Man and sensors to get a moving target that falls after a preprogrammed number of hits.



Running Man

Do you want that your target should sneak, walk or run? Running Man is developed in conjunction with Loke 180 and can get the target to move at speeds between 4 and 20 km / h. The system may be programmed to target changes direction and increases or decreases the speed.

In combination with Loke 180 you can for example create a situation where a sliding target disappears behind a wall of seconds later come out as a non-retractable goals. The lighting system can illuminate the target or flash red every time a non-retractable target is hit by a bullet.



Tyr is our specially developed 3D targets particularly suited for realistic exercises and scenario shootings. Tyr handle pistol and carbine both indoors and outdoors. You can shoot from all angles and get an immediate response in the case. It takes only 15 seconds to rig up Tyr.